Our Programs

An overview of current and upcoming programs.

”I AM” Oratorical Program Series

The “I AM” Oratorical Series is a youth-led initiative that affords students the opportunity to take on the persona (or character) of a great civil rights or education pioneer. They will choose an individual they are interested in learning about; conduct extensive research on the pioneer; study their mannerisms; style of clothing; hair style; overall appearance; speech and voice (if a video is available). The students will immerse themselves in the historical accounts, accomplishments and contributions of the pioneer; and prepare a 3-4 minute oratorical presentation portraying the individual, which will end with a statement proclaiming… I AM!!

The students’ oratorical presentations will be videotaped and posted on the website.

Florida Freedom Trail

The Florida Freedom Trail is a program designed to preserve the stories and legacies connected to historic sites, significant to the civil rights movement. Historical markers will be crafted utilizing artifacts and archival materials collected by the museum or donated by community members. The Freedom Trail is the first of its kind in the state, complete with aluminum cast markers, celebrating the people, places and sites that played crucial roles during the civil rights movement. Those interested in applying for a Florida Freedom Trail marker, may obtain applications by visiting floridacivilrightsmuseum.org. Applicants must have the written permission of the property owners to proceed.

Storytime Series for Kids and After School Program

Designed for elementary school students, the Storytime Series will feature local authors, artists, elected officials and community leaders who will read books to after school participants.

Journey to Justice Distinguished Lecturer Series

The Journey to Justice Distinguished Lecturer Series will feature prominent individuals, significant to the region, who will serve to inspire the youth of the local community. The series or panel discussion will also feature professors and public historians, who will be able to give insight into the institutions, significant landmarks, churches and communities built by educational and civil rights pioneers.

Civil Rights Heritage Fest

The inaugural Florida Civil Rights Heritage Celebration and Book Festival is an interactive, Inter-generational, multicultural three-day reading, history, music and dance festival, which will take place in Florida’s Capital City. Hosted by the National Association for the Preservation of African-American History and Culture, Inc., in conjunction with the Florida Civil Rights Museum, Inc.℠, Civil Rights Fest 2023 will celebrate significant civil rights and educational pioneers of all races, creeds, colors, religions and origins, who have worked to affect positive change in their respective fields; ultimately obtaining the goal of equal justice under law for African-Americans and all persons of color in the Big Bend region, as well as statewide.

Vanishing Florida Tour and Panel Discussion

To highlight the rich civil rights heritage and significant landmarks that exist to illuminate the story of “Freedom and Justice” in the State of Florida. This will be done by providing a platform to local historians, museum curators, directors, and artists, who will tell the story of the civil rights movement in Florida through public presentations and exhibitions.